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Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:appearance

Kohgen is an incense specialty store founded in 1937.
Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store is the fourth store in Kohgen and the second store in Tokyo.

Kohgen Ueno Sakuragi Store is located in Ueno Sakuragi, Taito-ku.
The nearby Yanesen area combines the names of Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi neighborhoods.
Visitors love the nostalgic atmosphere of these old shopping streets.
Traditional Japanese incense is perfectly at home in this retro neighborhood of art and culture.

Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store information

Business hours 9:17~18:17(UTC +9)
Closed New Year holidays
Contact inquiry Mail address : webmaster@kohgen.com
Or please use this inquiry form: Contact us
Address Uenosakuragi 1-10-16,Taito-ku,Tokyo Japan postal code:110-0002
Parking Lot None ※ Kohgen has a parking agreement with Denny’s and 7-11 across the street.

Inside the store

First floor (incense floor)

Over 5,000 products!You will find your favorite scent!
Popular No. 1 is a hit product recommended for those who use incense for the first time.

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:Nippon Kodo,Shoyeido,Kyukyodo,Gyokushodo famous Japanese incense maker

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:Over 5,000 incense products

Nippon Kodo,Shoyeido,Kyukyodo,Gyokushodo, etc.We sell many products of famous Japanese incense maker and Kohgen original products.
We also sell agarwood used in Kodo (香道-Way of Incense).

2nd floor (Beads of Rosary and Displayed Agarwood floor)

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:display space of the beads

The 2nd floor is the display space of the beads.There are many for women's beads, men's beads, bracelets and so on.
You can touch them and see them.

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:many rosary and bracelets

There are so many rosary and bracelets there, so you can see many kinds at once.

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:2nd floor place handcraft incense yourself

2nd floor place of experience where you can handcraft incense yourself

Kohgen Tokyo Uenosakuragi Store:display of agarwood sculptures

We display very rare agarwood sculptures.

Access Map

Easy access from 4 stations :Ueno, Uguisudani, Nippori and Nezu.

・JR Ueno Station: 15 minutes walk from Koen (Park) Gate. ※ Walk through Ueno Park.

・JR Uguisudani Station: 13 minutes walk from North Gates. ※ Go left the kototoi-street to Kanenji.

・JR / Keisei Skyliner, Nippori Station: 13 minutes walk from South or North Gates. ※ Shortest route is through Yanaka Cemetery.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Nezu Station: 5 minutes walk from Exit 1.
※ From the Shinobazu & Kototoi intersection, pass Akafudo Supermarket on the corner and go straight up Kototoi Street. Kohgen is across the street from Denny’s and 7-11. ※ The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus is in the opposite direction from Nezu Station.

・Access in Chinese is here:访问方法(简体中文 Chinese)

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Note that the opening hours of our stores in Nagoya and Tokyo differ.
→Nagoya Store→Ginza Store

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