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A pleasant fragrance of Japanese ink called Sumi

Kohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium box

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Japanese fragrance of Sumi (ink used during calligraphy) is an original product of our Koghen Store.
This fragrance has been born from our customers` wishes.
“Are there any ink-scented incense?",
"Do you have any incense which smells like the Borneo camphor?”.
We have received dozens of similar inquiries about incenses that gives off the fragrance of ink or Borneo camphor.
At first we thought it would be easy but in fact, it was really hard to produce such aroma.
Our image of such fragrance was that of “the ink aroma that can be sensed in the calligraphic class or at school during calligraphy lessons”.
We have made a number of trial products and in the end, we have succeeded in creating the aroma we are satisfied with.
Now, we can introduce it to our Customers.
We have released our final product in 2009 on Tanabata Festival in Japan (7th of July).

We have decided to release it on that day because the fragrance of ink is also associated with the aroma that can be felt when Japanese people are writing their wishes on a piece of paper with ink during this festival.
The ingredients of “Sumi” are the natural Borneo camphor and small amounts of several fragrances that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.
Then the charcoal that suppresses the smoke has been also blended in.
When the lid of the box is open, a traditional fragrance with the keynote of Borneo camphor can be felt.
When Sumi incense burns, the smell becomes mild. It has been adjusted so that over some time you will be able to sense a watery sweetness of ink.
The Chinese character “sumi”, which means “ink”, has been written on the package by a calligraphy teacher in an old fashioned style.
What can we make out of that Chinese character?
In the upper part of the character there is a particle which means a hearth (kamado) and in the middle, there is a part that means a flame (honou).
In the lower part, there is a particle that means soil, earth.
It is so-called old-style “Sumi” (ink) Chinese character.
So what can we make out of those Chinese characters particles?
The Chinese character conveys that there here is a fire burning on the soil.
Then on the fire, a furnace has been put on. And inside of it, it seems that the ink is being prepared.

This time we decided to create a fragrance different from these that are based on agarwood or sandalwood.
Creating a new fragrance was a great challenge.
Also in the future, we will challenge ourselves to create various scents based on requests received from our Customers.
We hope that we will create another brand-new one soon.
To the best of our poor abilities, we created our original incense with the fragrance of the ink and we would be happy if you enjoy.
We would be glad if you add this scent to the list of your favorite ones.

                               Sincerely yours
Kohgen Store Owner
* A large box is also available.

Kohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium box

Item number kc-okoh-0005B

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  • Sale price 1,404JPY
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Kohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium boxKohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium boxKohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium boxKohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium boxKohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium boxKohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium box
Kohgen Original Incense, Sumi (Ink), medium box
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Product details:
number of sticks: approx. 250
incense weight: approx. 90 g
length: approx. 13.5 cm
burning time: approx. 30 min
package size: approx. 14.0 cm x 8.0 cm x 2.5cm

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