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Baieido, KYARA Gift Holder with Incense

Item number 3875660000000

  • Sale price 55,000JPY
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This incense stand has been made by the famous industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama from KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, who is known from designing Ferrari, Maserati or Akita Shinkansen Train (Super Komachi).

This Limited Edition has been made for 356 anniversary of long-established Baieido (incense maker).

The incense stand has been made from Nambu ironware from Iwata and has a strong presence.

The three-dimensional surface is arranged with straight lines that reflect the image of the origami. Despite its modernism this incense stand regains traditional Japanese atmosphere.
Furthermore, you can not only enjoy watching burning incense, but also enjoy it as an incense clock that counts the flow of the passing time while you are burning the incense.

One mark on the holder indicates approximately ten minutes, so in total it will take 30 minutes per one stick.

It is traditional incense in which Kyara has been formulated together with traditional herbs and raw ingredients, so a mild fragrance of Kyara can be sensed.

Because of the unique Baieido maker's combination of fragrances that brings out fragrant wood through the base made of traditional herbs and raw incense materials (similarly to the Koushiboku and Shukohkoku from the same maker Baieido), this incense is finished with an aroma that is full of tranquil and calming fragrance.

Furthermore, this incense has a deeper, richer fragrance than other incenses from Baieido.

We would like to recommend you to enjoy some refined moments by burning a Kyara incense using this unique, innovative incense stand designed by Ken Okuyama.

Moreover, this incense set is stored in a fine gift box it is perfect as a present!

Packaging as well as traditional Japanese auspicious decorations (Noshi) are of course free of charge!

* Please note that the fragrant wood in the background on the photo is not for sale.

Product details:
maker: Baieido
fragrance systematics: traditional fragrance with the use of Kyara
number of sticks: 20
weight: incense holder: approx. 360 g, incense: approx 7 g in total: approx. 764 g
length of sticks: approx. 8.2 cm
burning time: approx. 30 min
package size: approx. 17 cm× 24 cm× 7 cm

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