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Nippon Kodo Incense, Hana-no-Hana, 36 sticks

Item number 3630100000000

  • Sale price 990JPY
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★Incense with a gentle fragrance.

It is said that Hana-no-Hana is the oldest perfume-based incense in Japan.
Would you like to try the same fragrance that has been enjoyed by people who lived over 100 years ago in Japan with this traditional perfume incense?

Although the fragrance of this incense differs from the aroma of popular Tokusei Hana-no-Hana, it has a sweetly, unique scent that reminds of nostalgic sceneries.

Yellow Incense - inspired by a gorgeous rose flower.
・It has a standing out, sweet, gorgeous fragrance of rose. A refined, discreet aroma spreads around.

Green Incense - inspired by a refreshing lily flower.
・The pure, white lily soaked with moisture in the morning dew. This incense emits a refreshing, slightly sweet aroma.

Purple Incense - inspired by a gorgeous violet flower.
・Flowers of violets that blooms shiny and gracefully. Its unceremoniously abundant fragrance is charming.

■The difference between “Hana-no-Hana” and another item called“Tokusei Hana-no-Hana” is that the “Hana no Hana” is a long-selling incense which has been on the market for over 100 years.
A wonderful, traditional fragrance which can be found in “Hana no Hana”, is even further deepened in the other one “Tokusei Hana no Hana”incense. Also, the lingering scent of "Tokusei Hana no Hana" hangs much longer in the air.

Product details:
number of sticks: 36
incense stand: included
weight (box included): approx. 73g
length: approx. 7cm
burning time: approx. 12 min
package size: 7.4cm×9.6cm×1.8cm

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