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Kunjudo Incense, Tenpo Byakudan (Sandalwood), sticks

Item number 1311120000000

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There are many types of incense which are named “Sandalwood”, but in fact there is almost no incense which quite expresses fragrance of intact Sandalwood.

This Tenpyo Byakudan emits a fragrance identical to that of genuine Sandalwood intact.

It may be said that among all incenses with fragrances of Sandalwood this product is especially high-grade.
Moreover, due to the use of quite high-quality Sandalwood, we think that those who are used to burning Sandalwood will be able to understand its quality even more.

To put it simply, the sweetness and richness of intact Sandalwood can be felt straightforwardly in this fragrance.
At the beginning, the aroma of pure Sandalwood, like that of Sandalwood’s essential oil, can be felt.
This fragrance not only rises for a moment, but spreads around.

Rich sweetness of this incense spreads throughout the whole room, leaving also a lingering scent,which aroma might be mistaken for the intact Sandalwood fragrant-wood that is being burned.

Tenpyo Byakudan emits a rich fragrance like that of true Sandalwood.

※Although Kunjudo’s products such as Hanakaori, Traumerei, Kozanmai or Karin are famous,Kunjudo also exceeds at recent Kyara, Agarwood and Sandalwood-based incenses.

Especially “Kyara” and“Sandalwood” (Kyara and Byakudan) are the products that we would like to recommend to all those who have some experience in burning fragrant-wood based incenses.

It is also a great incense which gives the opportunity to learn about aromatic-wood based fragrances for those who are just beginning their adventure with those kinds of incenses.

Product details:
number of sticks: approx. 24
incense weight: approx. 15 g
length: approx. 14 cm
burning time: approx. 25 min
package size: 16cm×6.5cm×2cm

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