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100% natural, plant-derived ingredients

Kunjudo Incense, Herbosense, Lemongrass & Benzoin, 30 sticks

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Herbosense is the first incense in the world which has been authenticated by ICEA as the one which is in 100% composed only from plant-derived ingredients.
Those components have been formulated by a well-established French company FLORISENS and Kunjudo which is renowned for having more than hundred years’ tradition in incense making.
This incense is an organic product which has been blended with 100% natural plant ingredients which are said to have various natural efficacies.
To the creation of these incense petroleum-derived components or synthetic dyes have not been used.
Please enjoy the pure fragrance obtained from natural plants!

★ICEA (Instituto per la Certificazione Etica eAmbientale) is an Italian pioneering Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute, which controls and certifies companies that carry out their activities in respect for people and nature.
This association authenticates the most important organizations in Italy and is a leading international authority on the subject.
ICEA i.e. authenticates the list of products which are “sustained items that are both environmentally friendly and organic”.

To the refreshing fragrance of Lemongrass, the sweetness of Benzoin contributes.
Its fragrance is ideal when one wants to boost an outdoor mood.

Besides Patchouli and Geranium there are five other fragrances in Herbosense Collection:
・Geranium & Star Anise
・Cinnamon & Honey
・Eucalyptus & Clove
・Geranium & Patchouli
・Atlas Cedar

Kunjudo Incense, Herbosense, Lemongrass & Benzoin, 30 sticks

Item number 1310240000000

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Product details:
number of sticks: 30
item weight: approx. 33 g
length: approx. 13.5 cm
burning time: approx. 20 min
package size: approx. 2.5cm×18cm

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