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Hobby Incense

For beginner incense fans初心者マーク

If you don`t know which one to choose to begin your adventure with incenses,
we recommend our starter kits thanks to which you can try many fragrances!

At our Kohgen store, we are dividing incenses into two categories: Fragrant Woods type and Arimatic type.

Fragrant Woods type - Japanese style fragrances (woody blends containing fragrant woods such as sandalwood, agarwood or Kyara and herbs)Aromatic type - Western style fragrances (floral, fruity, perfume etc. )

For intermediate incense fans: Fragrant Woods type

For those who already know their favorite fragrance,
but would like to try more, we recommend assortment sets of each maker!

For intermediate incense fans:  Aromatic type

For advanced incense fans

If you already know your favorite fragrance and product,
choose by maker, product name or series here!

Fragrant Woods type - Japanese style fragrancesAromatic type - Western style fragrances (floral, fruity, perfume etc. )


Various Gift Sets

In Japan, incenses were given as a present to important people since Heian Period. We recommend them as birthday, anniversary or small gifts!
Message cards and wrapping FOR FREE!
Please, let us know on what occasion you would like to offer this gift while placing your order.
Our shipping staff will put the heart into the wrapping!

Daily Incense
(for meditation, Buddhist practices)

Daily Incense (osenko) is used for meditation or Buddhist practices every day in Japan. Nowadays, 80% of people choose incenses by fragrance and burn them in front of Buddhist altars. They come in large boxes to be easy-to-use daily.
Fragrant Woods type (Japanese style) fragrances have been marked with brown and aromatic type (Western style) with pink.
If you have already decided which incense to choose, please browse by maker, product or series.

▼If you already know your favorite incenses, click the banner below to find them!

Top-quality Incense

Top-quality incenses are the pride of each maker.
Created with a lavish use of fragrant woods like Kyara, Agarwood, Sandalwood which converge in original blends.
All of them have their unique fragrances.

▼We have gathered top-quality incenses of each maker in one place. There are also small sizes - try them at least once!


Fragrant Woods

Pride of Kohgen store - fragrant woods, that fragrances were personally and carefully checked by our store owner.
Nowadays, these items are very difficult to obtain and because of that they are limited editions available while stock lasts.
Regarding the sudden price jumps of fragrant woods, all selected items are in the prices corresponding to their high-quality fragrances.
→ How to burn

* Fragrant woods other than sandalwood cannot be shipped outside Japan.
Thank you very much for understanding.

Incense Burners

We provide various incense burners from Kutani ware, Arita ware, Seto ware up to Takaoka copperware which are famous Japanese works of art.
There are also unique incense burners handmade by Japanese artisans, which are limited editions in our Kohgen store.
They are well worth seeing!


Ash and charcoal are essential when using an incense burner or while enjoying kneaded incense (neriko), chipped incense (shoko) or Listening to Incense (mon-koh).
It is good to change the ash regularly when it gets dirty.

Incense Ingredients

Powdered or chipped incense ingredients needed for incense making.


Other fragrant products provided by Kohgen. Candles, aroma oils and scented bouquets.

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